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Wear The C&A Change

By Press Club

Nov 28, 2022


Image: Waste2Wear

C&A China is one of the most enduring and pioneering retailers in global apparel. Waste2Wear is an award-winning pioneer in sustainability – helping reduce global waste by turning plastic waste into all kinds of beautiful finished products. Together, they are proud to announce a new sustainable range of mens and ladies autumn/winter fashion items made from recycled plastic bottles by Waste2Wear. The soft, stretchy and comfortable winter-wear includes sweatshirts, sweatpants, hoodies, jackets and coats that are ideal for the colder weather. You can stay warm knowing you are doing your bit for the environment, or as the slogan on one of their sweatshirts says: “We take care of it so you don’t have to worry”. By choosing products from the Wear the Change collection, you make a statement that you have taken a conscious decision to protect our planet. The end goal is that sustainable fashion will be the new norm for everyone.

Image: Waste2Wear

To prove the authenticity of their claim, the entire C&A China collection is backed by Waste2Wear’s multi-award-winning blockchain* which is traceable and transparent at every stage. This is achieved by a QR code on every item where one can learn more about the positive impact of the Waste2Wear recycled materials. This includes unique photos, contract numbers and dates involved in every step of the supply chain, plus a video showing how it is made and an environmental impact report showing in real terms, that this production process utilizes 86% less water, 75% less CO2 and 70% less energy than non- recycled fabrics.

Image: Waste2Wear

Mark Ainsworth , President of Brand & Sustainability at C&A China said: “C&A has a long & proud history of leading & innovating in sustainable practices. I believe this important collaboration between C&A China & Waste2Wear can be the start of a new chapter for the brand as we strive to lead the way to a green fashion future together.”

Monique Maissan, CEO & Founder of Waste2Wear said: “China has been my home for 25 years and I’ve made it my life’s work to produce beautiful, long lasting fashion from recycled materials here. I delight in seeing an icon such as C&A China standing behind their belief in delivering more sustainable options.”

Image: Waste2Wear

About Waste2Wear:

Waste2Wear is a pioneer in sustainability – helping reduce global waste by turning plastic waste into all kinds of beautiful finished products. Waste2Wear is challenging the textile industry to be a force for good and is redefining what’s possible in the circular economy. Companies and brands work with Waste2Wear to create high quality, innovative, and sustainable textile products, all from recycled waste. Waste2Wear is a global company with a presence in 4 continents.

2022 Golden Apples Award in the Innovative Recycling Model category for blockchain

2021 World Sustainability Award for the most sustainable supply chain due to the unique Waste2Wear blockchain

Read more about Waste2Wear on their brandpage