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Wish upon a rainbow – a new ray of hope with Greendigo FW21

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The year 2020 has become a catchphrase for uncertainty and challenges. The pandemic, the lockdowns, and the new normal have been particularly hard on children. Kids who could not stop running around and playing all day stayed cooped up indoors for months. The little ones who loved to explore, learn, and experiment, quickly adapted to the ways of online learning. While adults struggled and grumbled, the young and innocent kids managed to thrive, despite all odds.

Greendigo’s new collection ‘Wish upon a rainbow’, is inspired by this very hope and positivity that children bring. With their new collection, they hope that the days to come are filled with rainbows every day.

Continuing with the brand’s promise of offering safe and comfortable organic cotton clothes for children, they have introduced new designs in their clever clothing section. Babygrow onesies feature additional fabric or buttons to offer a good fit even for growing babies. Drawing a lot of insights from parents of newborns, Greendigo intends to address their pain points with innovative designs. For instance, their new swaddle bag which solves for babies kicking off their blanket and parents worrying about babies being left cold. Babies can be securely zipped in the swaddle bag and sleep soundly through the night. To offer more variety in the baby segment, they have introduced sets of essentials such as bibs, booties, diaper covers and mittens in addition to special gift packaging which will allow customers to pick their own assortment of baby items for gifting.

The brand strongly believes that businesses need to run responsibly to be able to counter the environmental, political and economic challenges that plague our world today. Their entire supply chain, from farms to factories, and from fabrics to dyes and colours is 100% certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This affirms the organic status of raw materials and also guarantees that the manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible. While being an early stage startup, Greendigo is already aligned with 10 UN SDGs. The brand has also eliminated use of all plastic from their packaging and uses only reusable and recyclable packaging.

Greendigo currently retails only through their direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel and delivers worldwide. The brand is also focusing on B2B / wholesale orders from bulk buyers in India and overseas. With certifications and ethical manufacturing practices in place, the brand aims to attract buyers from world over who believe in responsible production, in line with their vision of making organic the new normal.

Read more about Greendigo on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/greendigo

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