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Woron: Eco Underwear created by women, for women

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Picture: Woron, courtesy of the brand

The Copenhagen based sustainable brand Woron was established as a result of a collaboration between the two sisters Arina and Anya. The sisters both have a passion for life in the slow lane and both share an enthusiasm for sustainable underwear and everyday essentials.

Besides standing for confident women, the sisters strive to promote a positive change. This is why the luxurious selection of Woron is made of natural breathable materials made especially for women’s comfort, to make sure neither your body nor your conscience has to suffer. Being an advocate for women’s well-being and health, their purpose is to empower the feminine within women.

Starting with a hand-sewn bra

This progressive idea did not pop out of the blue. Arina had a position as head of design at one of Denmark's leading fashion brands - until she got tired of fast fashion. She decided to quit and went on to travel for a while. Not only did she say her goodbyes to her old world, but she also got a brand new plan to work with her own sister - as they had always wished.

But this story started with a somber cause. At the young age of 20 years old, Anya had to undergo an urgent open-heart surgery. While she was just finding her way in the world and understanding what the word ‘woman’ meant for her, she was left with a scar down her cleavage, which led to her being unable to wear conventional bras with wires, or bras that were overly tight in the band. Arina took it upon herself to create a soft hand-sewn bra for Anya. The sisters only wore the homemade hand-sewn pieces up until receiving their first Woron production of soft bras years later. Without them even knowing, this little sowing venture would shape the lingerie brand they own today: Woron.

Empower the feminine within women

We are all aware of the fact that women can feel sexy anytime anywhere regardless of what they put on their body, but Woron believes that a little stylish comfort helps them get going much faster. As most fashion products aren’t made in a way that’s any good for you nor Earth, Woron is here to change that. They are all about Eco Underwear Created by women, for women. No toxic chemicals, no toxic dyes, no chafing and no metal pokes. All fabrics and trimmings are certified and produced in Europe and are made of a soft blend of plant based goodness.When they work with cotton, it is only with GOTS certified organic cotton, to ensure a high quality all the way through the supply chain. All dyes used in the making of their products are certified, non-toxic and antiallergenic.

At the core of everything they do at Woron there is a strong respect for the people they work with, and the environment they work within. Their products are represented in selected stores in the world that share their desire to empower the feminine within women along with a love for earth herself. Woron believes that most worries can be fixed with a good attitude and some comfy undies that don’t compromise style and comfort. Well-being soars and with it, confidence and feeling attractive emerges all by itself, naturally.

Picture: Woron, Courtesy of the brand
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