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Yest Pre-Fall 22: calm, powerful and feminine!

By Press Club

Jan 20, 2022


Beeld: Yest

The Yest Pre-Fall 22 collection, which will be launched in July 2022, is based around three different moods, each telling its own story. Marijn Obertop, designer of Yest, tells us this season is all about Calm Comfort, Nocturnal Moonlight and Nomadic Survival.

Calm Comfort

The focus of this easy and comfortable Pre fall story is calm comfortable. We are still very much embracing the easy lounge look we adopted in the lockdown period, but the look is elevated with more classy and casual items, no longer a total lounge look, but a combination of comfortable fabrics and fits with classy styles and fabrics. Colors are easy and basic; grey, grey mélange, kit, soft sand and black, to combine in more contrasting ways or to make tonal sets. This Calm Comfort story is calm and tonal in color, a great new look after a colorful summer and a solid starting point to flow with the next deliveries!

Nocturnal Moonlight

Inspiration for this Feminine trend story is the dark and mysterious night sky. We see a renewed interest in spirituality and a new appreciation of feminine force. In this mood this is translated in a strong, powerful yet elegant look in dark blue and black colors. A touch of military uniforms and Victorian inspired high collars as seen on the catwalks. The styles give endless options for combinations, tonal in blues, with ecru and denim, prints, or solid. The addition of faded purple gives this blue-black color story the necessary fashion input. Metal details in antique brass and tonal lurex give some subtle shine. The denim in this story matches great with previous delivery, and the blues match perfectly with the greys.

Beeld: Yest

Nomadic Survival

The third mood for Pre-Fall is influenced by survival gear and nomadic travelers. We feel a strong need to be outdoors, to be one with nature. This is combined with the Yest love for bohemian and playful fabrics and designs. Earthy Red-brown, soft sand and army green are the base for these styles. Olive brings a fresh wind through this story. Black is used as base or contrast. The fabrics and styles in this mood are inspired by outdoor and survival wear, pockets and drawstrings feature as details. Flowing Tencel and viscose for the feminine contrast. The fabrics and colors in this story are easy to wear, easy to layer and wear through fall and winter. They are good to combine with each other and have a good flow with the colors from previous stories!

Beeld: Yest

About Yest

Yest is an international fashion label with Dutch roots for all women, regardless of her age or size. Every woman can look Yest, feminine, positive and happy. Yest makes you shine!

An enthusiastic team designs a new collection no less than six times a year that reflects contemporary fashion trends. With a varied mix of prints and colors, diversity of fabrics and styles and subtle details, the collection gets the typical Yest feeling; easy, casual, feminine and comfortable. A collection that is suitable for the fashionable, elegant and sporty women; for all WOMEN!

Yest is characterized by a good price-quality ratio, comfortable fits and beautiful materials and has a warm heart for people and planet. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the production process. Items made from Tencel, recycled polyester, organic cotton and EcoVero viscose, you can find it all in our collections.


No limits to age or size! The Yest collection is also available in plus size sizes 44 to 58/60, under the name Yesta.

Sales information

The presale period for our Pre-Fall 22 collection runs from January 10 to March 11 2022. The collection will be available in stores from July - August 2022. Please contact sales@buurfashion.nl for more information.

Read more about Yest on their brandpage