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Launching Chirp-Protect at EuroShop 2020

By Press Club

Feb 13, 2020

TDR Solutions are excited to announce the launch of Chirp-Protect, a revolutionary retail security device at EuroShop 2020.

Traditional EAS systems are bulky, costly and require fixed exit points. Chirp instead uses wireless technology to safeguard products based on proximity, meaning a coverage zone of up to 8 metres can be set up in minutes anywhere - even outdoors! You can even set up multiple chirp hubs to create an even larger coverage.

The clever system pairs a central hub with a series of tags, to which you attach your stock that you want to protect. The tags come in both a lanyard style to loop around items and also a surface tag which can be fixed to each product in a variety of ways.

Both types of tag will chirp if removed from the product or if a tagged product is taken out of the zone. Once a tag starts chirping, returning it to the zone will stop the alarm.

The chirp range is offered on a straightforward lease basis and can be used to protect anything from handbags to musical instruments!

Whether you’re a retail store, kiosk or market trader, trust chirp protect to provide an additional layer of security and know when things stray too far.