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Leather Working Group to launch innovative chain of custody project at member conference

By Press Club



Image Credit: Via LWG

Leather Working Group (LWG) will launch the first phase of the LWG Chain of Custody Project at the LWG Member Conference on September 22, 2022. A project that aims to drive transparency and provide a mechanism for verified green claims.

Globally, LWG is aware of the urgent need for products, with robust green credentials. Markets for leather goods are therefore changing to address consumer demands, as well as comply with new regulations that aim to prevent greenwashing. Labelling is key; it provides visibility to the positive attributes – showing simply and accurately how a product was made or where it comes from.

A transparent supply chain and verified sustainability information is essential to ensure these labels are legal, verified, and can therefore be trusted. Leather Working Group’s innovative Chain of Custody Project will create a vision for how this will be developed, together with a practical delivery plan specifically designed for the leather industry. Developed by Leather Working Group in partnership with 3P Strategy, the LWG Chain of Custody Project is a game-changing, innovative initiative, designed to provide a robust method of assurance for the leather products that you purchase.

Whatever your role in the leather sector – from producer through to consumer – understanding chain of custody and supporting transparency is essential.

“Being able to make verified sustainability claims, supported by evidence is a critical priority. LWG is excited to be launching the LWG Chain of Custody Project at the member conference in September. This initiative will support Leather Working Group’s mission to create a foundation for showcasing sustainable leather products. LWG is calling on industry stakeholders to embrace this initiative by working with us to build transparency and trust in leather as sustainable material” - Christina Trautmann, Head of Leather Working Group.

The LWG Chain of Custody Project brings together Leather Working Group members from across the industry, alongside subject matter experts and technology providers, to discuss, define and agree how to support verified product claims. Leather Working Group members can join us at the 2022 LWG Member Conference for the launch of the LWG Chain of Custody Project.

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