Fashion Statistics China

National data

Population: 1.4 billion
Labor force: 802 million
Unemployment rate: 4.6 %
GDP per capita (PPS): 7,594 dollars


Total employment in clothing and textiles: 6.4 million
Number of people employed in apparel manufacturing: 5.5 million
Total employment in retail of clothing: 575,000
Total employment in wholesale of clothing: 275,000

Consumer Expenditure

Annual expenditure on clothing and footwear: 190.5 billion dollars

Fashion companies

Whereas China is mostly known for its fashion manufacturing, it only has a few large fashion companies and fashion manufacturing companies.

In total China has nearly 44,000 companies in the manufacture of textile. Wearing apparel, accessories, leather goods and footwear. Among these 21,000 companies focus on textile manufacturing, 15,000 companies focus on apparel and accessories and 8,000 companies manufacture leather goods and footwear.

The number of fashion wholesale companies are 11,250, among which 2,700 are specialised in apparel. Another 5,000 companies are engaged in the retail of fashion, just over half of these retailers are specialised in selling apparel.

The following table shows the largest companies in fashion from China.

Company name Market value Annual revenue Company type
1 ANTA Sports Products 6 billion dollars 1.7 billion dollars Public
2 Lao Feng Xiang Jewelry 3 billion dollars 5.7 billion dollars Public
3 Zhejiang Semir Garment Co Ltd. 1.2 billion dollars 1.2 billion dollars Public
4 Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion & Accessories Co., Ltd. 805 million dollars 793 million dollars Public

Exports (2014)

Exports of clothing, footwear and leather goods: 336 billion dollars

Exports of textiles and clothing: 265 billion dollars

Largest exports among these products:

  • Sweaters, pullovers, sweatshirts etc: 24.6 billion dollars
  • Kit sweaters: $ 24.5B
  • Women’s suits, non knit: $ 22 billion dollars
  • Women’s suits: 15.1 billion dollars
  • Men’s suits, non knit: 12.6 billion dollars
  • Women’s overcoats: 9.9 billion dollars

Exports of footwear and headwear: 71.1 billion dollars

Largest exports among these products:

  • Rubber footwear: $ 19.5B
  • Leather footwear: $ 17.6B
  • Textile footwear: $11.7B

Imports (2014)

Imports of clothing, footwear and leather goods: $ 30.4 billion dollars

Imports of textiles and apparel: 28.2 billion dollars

Largest imports among these products:

  • Pure Cotton Yarn: 4.9 billion dollars
  • Raw Cotton: $ 4.75 billion dollars
  • Wool: 2.3 billion dollars
  • Woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn: 1 billion dollars

Imports of footwear and headwear: 2.2 billion dollars

Largest imports within this product group:

  • Footwear, with leather body: 1.1 billion dollars
  • Footwear, with textile body: 396 million dollars
  • Parts of footwear: 179 million dollars
  • Other footwear of rubber or plastics: 168 million dollars


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Sources: UN Comtrade, UN Data, OECD, ILO, WTO, CBS, Central Intelligence Agency, National Bureau of Statistics of China.

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