FashionUnited Business Intelligence provides fashion professionals from across the world with the most relevant apparel market data and analytics, offering a comprehensive overview of the global fashion industry.

This includes FashionUnited’s Top 100 Companies list by market capitalization, Facebook Fashion Index, Twitter Fashion Index, Fashion Fortune 200, retail statistics, financial news (monthly, quarterly, annually), commodity news, stock news, country statistics, company directory and more.

Cotton Price Index

Leading Cotton Price index according to FashionUnited.

Digital Fashion News

NFTs, metaverse, digital fashion, what's going on? Read the latest news here.

Facebook Fashion Index

Facebook Fashion Index based on number of likes a specific brand's Facebook account has.

Fashion Brands Directory

International Fashion Brands Directory with brands available for wholesale.

Fashion Company Directory

International Fashion company directory, top fashion companies and business intelligence.

Fashion Courses Database

Find courses at many international Fashion Schools.

Fashion Industry Statistics

How many garments are sold worldwide? How many people work in the fashion industry?

Fashion School Directory

Find fashion schools and courses in the international Fashion School Database.

Fashion Weeks around the World

There are more than hundred Fashion Weeks taking place worldwide, discover them here.

Federations in the Apparel Industry

An overview of federations and associations active in the fashion industry.

Job Directory

Over 20.000 career opportunities in the apparel industry all over the world.

List of Richest People in Fashion

List of the richest people who have earned their wealth and assets in fashion.

Most Valueable Fashion Brands

Listing the most valuable and powerful fashion brands in the world.

Sustainability Certification Organizations in the Fashion Industry

A list of eco labels, green standards, sustainability certifications, and other sustainability initiatives in fashion

Sustainability in Fashion

Sustainability is more important than ever before. Read all about the latest sustainability news in fashion.

Top 100 companies

This benchmark index gathers the 100 largest companies worldwide in the fashion industry.

Top 200 Fashion Companies in the World - Public and Private

Find all data on the biggest fashion brand companies in the world on FashionUnited

Top Fashion Brands

All you need to know about top Fashion Brands and clothing brands around the world.

Top Fashion Influencers

List of Top Fashion Influencers on Social Media.

Twitter Fashion Index

Twitter Fashion Index based on number of followers a brand has on their Twitter page.

Wool Price Index

Leading Wool Price index according to FashionUnited.

Work in Fashion

The fashion industry is a great creative place to work in. Read about careers in fashion here.