Following the success of its Brooklyn Commuter Workspace, denim brand Levi's

is currently operating Commuter Workspaces in London and Los Angele, which are running until 17 and 29 of August respectively.

Over the past three years, Levi's has worked with a number of cycle advocates around the globe to help promote cycling via their Commuter Series. Levi's has visited main cities to encourage 'pedal power',' offering free cycle tuning, on-site tailoring and live events. Now the denim label has decided give the programme a more permanent home and has launched Commuter Workspaces.

The workspaces were created by Levi's to offer a place for cycle and denim affectations to come together, work together and network whilst showcasing its innovative collection crafted for commuters. The workspaces feature live music, free bike repair services carried out by local mechanics, free instructional workshops as well as coffee and a number of social activities in downtown Los Angeles and Shoreditch, London.

Levi's offers limited spaces for certain events, such as the London 'bike-powered chocolate lathing,' taking place on the 14, and asks attendees to rsvp online at





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