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When a German label manages to free its blouses from its conservative stereotype image, then it is somewhat surprising. When this brand has succeeded for many years to inspire with its collections, then this is no longer a surprise success, but rather a constant success story. This is the story of 0039 Italy. A story, which began in the year 2000 during a trip to Italy. From a simple beach blouse designed out of necessity, it soon became more inspired. It even managed to have a 12 sq. m stand at the Paris trade fair with the first collection in 2001. Today 0039 Italy’s clothes adorn stores in over 50 countries worldwide.
What makes 0039 Italy different to other labels? The answer is as easy as it is plausible. The brand remains true to itself and to its roots – blouses were, are and remain the centrepiece of every collection. Instead of losing itself in a wide, exchangeable range, it prefers to play and coquet with colours, patterns and even forms. The result? Endearing details, unusual creative designs and all of this always of a surprising, sophisticated quality made in Europe. 0039 Italy’s customers appreciate the brand’s richness of the facets with blouses and other parts for every occasion, every shape and every age. Classical. Fashionable. Sober. Or multi-coloured and typically Mediterranean. Even the name is as untypically German as the parts. But why should everything always be fabric softened and fitted? The fact is that no woman can misdial with the stylish Italian area code in her luggage… Wholesale E: info@0039italy.com Photo credit: 0039 Italy