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10DAYS is an Amsterdam based lifestyle brand that creates timeless ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories and home items. The brand was founded in 2007 by two creative and free-spirited women, and that’s why freedom is in the root of everything we do. We don’t believe in rules. We don’t believe in trends. And we don’t believe in fast fashion. We want people to be free to be whoever they are. That’s the reason why we create clothes that feel like a second skin. Clothes that give you comfort and make you feel good. Clothes that empower you to be who you really are.
OUR PHILOSOPHY Freedom. Freedom of combining, of expressing your true self. Freedom in ages, freedom in fit, freedom in seasons. Just do whatever you FEEL. Don’t let rules dictate what you wear. Attention to detail. We design our garments with great love and eye for detail. Taking care of every step of the design and production process to ensure that all our items are made with the highest quality standards. Wholesale E: online@10days.nl Photo credit: 10DAYS