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Men that wear A fish named Fred are fearless, daring and brave. These “Freds” turn boring into colorful, ordinary into legendary. With designs that are fresh and original you’re sure to stand out and impress.
Welcome to the new summer collection of A fish named Fred: the Fred Coast collection! Where the laid-back vibes of the West Coast come to life! Our clothing line is inspired by the beautiful beaches, endless waves, and vibrant surf culture of California. Whether you’re an avid surfer or simply want to soak in the relaxed atmosphere of the coast, Fred’s clothing will definitely put you in the right mood. In California, it’s all about connecting with the sea. Fred’s designs are infused with the beauty and energy of the ocean. From bold prints that reflect the power of the waves to soft colours that capture the tranquillity of a beach sunset, each garment tells a story of the sea. Our shirts are made from high- quality cotton and feel soft and comfortable against your skin. Whether you’re hitting the waves or just lounging on the beach, they are the perfect companion. Fred’s sweatshirts are ideal for cooler evenings when you still want to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. They are wonderfully warm and have a relaxed fit, allowing you to feel comfortable while soaking in the sunset. In addition to clothing, we also offer accessories that complete your style. From trendy caps to stylish sunglasses that protect your eyes from the bright sun, we have everything you need to perfect your new summer look! We not only prioritize style but also sustainability. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by using high-quality materials that are built to last. So, whether you’re looking for clothing to go for a holiday in, to relax on the beach, or simply to bring home the West Coast style, Fred Coast is here for you. Dive into our collection and embrace the laid-back, sunny spirit of California, where the sea is always calling! > Available in 31 countries. > Special POS material including the orange fish head. > Wide range of product groups. > All designs created in-house and unmistakably unique. > 6 delivery drops per year. > Strong and easy accessible B2B portal > Unique furniture concepts are available from a corner to a complete brand store. You can find Fred in international waters. Interested? Contact one of our agents via HQ: Transit Textiles BV Frankfurtstraat 2 1175 RH Lijnden The Netherlands T +31 20 6173685 E info@afishnamedfred.com Australia Brand Equity Pty Ltd, Mark Cook T +61 410 60 9597 E sales@kencook.com.au Germany Select Studio David Khoshamouz +49 177 844 40 40 United Kingdom NP Agency, Sarah Pinnock T 0207 323 0478 E sarah@npagency.co.uk USA Sebastian Leta T +1201-647-4421 E seb356@gmail.com