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Men that wear A Fish Named Fred are fearless, daring and brave. These “Freds” turn boring into colorful, ordinary into legendary. With designs that are fresh and original you’re sure to stand out and impress.
A Fish Named Fred - La Dolce Fretta Spring Summer 2022 ITALIAN RIVIERA - COLOR BLOCK 1. DELIVERY JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022 The first color block is inspired by the sunsets at the Italian Riviera. This is the narrow coastal strip that lies between the Ligurian Sea and the mountain chain formed by the Maritime Alps and the Apennines. Those beautiful mountain villages form the base for this collection. Typical florals like the Oleander and olive tree have been the inspiration for unique prints. Deep dark blue tones with lemon yellow shades and warm red tones are dominating in this first drop. In the next pages, you will find key items and multiple possibilities to make a total look. ITALIAN BAROQUE & SPORTS - COLOR BLOCK 2. DELIVERY FEBRUARY/MARCH 2022 The second color block is inspired by the Italian baroque. It is well known all around the world and Fred translated this in its rich designs. The color scheme in this delivery is inspired by the Florence cathedral. A close-up from this impressive building is showing different tones of green, pink, and sand. Also, the famous Giro ‘d Italia was a big inspiration and the races with vintage cars have been a source of inspiration. In the next pages, you will find key items and multiple possibilities to make a total look. > Available in 31 countries. > Special POS material including the orange fish head. > Wide range of product groups. > All designs created in-house and unmistakably unique. > 6 delivery drops per year. > Strong and easy accessible B2B portal > Unique furniture concepts are available from a corner to a complete brand store. You can find Fred in international waters. Interested? Contact one of our agents via HQ: Transit Textiles BV Frankfurtstraat 2-8 1175 RH Lijnden The Netherlands T +31 20 6173685 E info@afishnamedfred.com Australia Brand Equity Pty Ltd, Mark Cook T +61 410 60 9597 E sales@kencook.com.au Germany Select Studio David Khoshamouz +49 177 844 40 40 United Kingdom NP Agency, Sarah Pinnock T 0207 323 0478 E sarah@npagency.co.uk USA Sebastian Leta T +1201-647-4421 E seb356@gmail.com