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ALMADKJ – Art + Fashion, birth of a Franco-Spanish artistic and textile brand where Fashion and Painting co-exist to create something unique. As a responsible brand with strong values, each creation is handmade in limited series with high quality fabrics and careful consideration of the details. A result of a collaboration with well-known French & Spanish professionals of textile and sewing.
For Katia Juanino, creator of the brand, the narrative power of a garment is much more intense when the viewer is the protagonist. An authentic relationship is born between the character and the viewer, producing a symphony of emotions and sensations. “Authenticity, freedom, respect, sincerity. Seeking an harmony between what we wear and what we are, to affirm, refine, adorn ourselves.” . The creation of the Lyon brand symbolizes the Soul of the artist, a desire for intimacy opposed to all forms of ostentation but with a touch of originality. Wholesale P: + 00 33 (0)6 03 26 98 34 E: Photo credit: Almadkj