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ANYthing is possible: a philosophy of life The designer and founder always dreamed of the perfect companion. As a professional tennis player, she travelled frequently and it was impossible for her to bring all her daily essentials whilst wearing them comfortably and still looking fabulous. A versatile talent like her designs During her fashion studies in Munich, Anne developed the idea for a versatile high-end accessory collection in terms of design and comfort. Inspired by the vision creating a handbag for every condition of life and all women, she not only brought up precious designs, furthermore the patented strap system offers infinite wearing options. Her practically oriented and grounded mentality makes her brand prosperous. Each dream of a bag comes true in its individual shape, colour and those pivotal details.
„ANY DI has developed out of the mentality of being ambitious and simultaneously enjoying life. For me it always was important being versatile in everything, no matter if hobbies, sports, music or work. I learned early that only the mix makes me really happy and satisfied.“ Anne Dickhardt As a result Anne’s incredible intuition for innovation and modern luxury cannot be constrained by accessories: The ANY DI SunCover is the signature piece of the brand, due to its unique shape and the luxurious design alinged with the unprecedented feature. Life career 2014 | ANY DI development and implementation 2011 | Product design manager for fashion eyewear 2007 | Internships in New York and Munich 2006 | Studies at the AMD academy for fashion and design in Munich 2005 | End of the professional tennis career It`s not ANY bag, it`s ANY DI The ANY DI Munich way of life An ANY DI bag is multi-facetted like her place of birth. The source of inspiration was a classic yet chique nevertheless a sporty and practical style. Since then its interpretations are part of every collection. In other words, preffering a classic look, imaginative glamour or modern sportiness, this brand stands for a perfect combination of creativity, functionality and passion combined with a sence of elegance. Handbags are the most important companions of a woman. They are with them throughout the day and have to adopt to every situation instantly. Wether cycling to work or enjoying a picnic, having a chic dinner or going out to the hippest party, an ANY DI encourages a woman with authenticity through its variability in every circumstance. Design Identity Every model unites soft loveliness with rock-solid day-to-day pragmatism. Behind this blooming label stands an execellent designer. She has an eye for timeless elegance and owns an infailable sense for innovation and modern luxury. ANY DI Bags convince through finest longlife smooth leather and real gold plated elements. Moreover moulds their high-quality fabrication an optimal balance between pure luxury and functionality. The whole product portfolio could be mixed & matched due to its harmonious colourpalette. The brand epitomizes innovative concepts and an abundance of variations whether it is casual and athletic or elegant and glamorous. Every women finds her perfect wingwomen. Last but not least those creations will be rounded by luxurious accessories, like the design-patented SunCover which sets an additional fashion statement. Luxurious. Innovative. Individually. Authentic. Limitless. Ways to Wear The design-patented Bag-strap-system encourages limitless wearing options. By doing so ANY DI creates a revolution on the global fashion market.. A classic handbag becoming a backpack ANY DIs could be suited to your individual style within a minute. Whether worn as a casual overshoulder bag or as a backpack, whether it is a wallet or used as a clutch, you’ll always find what you’re asking for. The outstanding system designates trough its excellent flexibility without any visible construction. That’s how ANY DI bags manage the balancing act between fineness and multifunction. A modern woman wants to be multifaceted, consequently she asks for flexibility and variations. However if it’s a classic look, business one or a imaginative one, an ANY DI always will adjust their situations without losing authenticity. Eye-catching Accessory The ANY DI SunCover sets new standards in the matter of luxurious accessories. The unique spectacle case not only looks fabulous moreover it is exceeding practically too. ANY DI SunCover: the first spectacle case which can be attached to the handbag. The elegant leather accesory is worldwide an eyecatcher and an absolute innovation on the market. The soft SunCover keeps your glasses safe, protects them from scratches and finally does not need much space in your bag. Every size and shape fits in. Hanging on the bag or worn on the belt your hands are always free and you’ll have your glasses ready at hand. Using smooth leather enhances the quality. Furthermore it protects the glasses and the sleek microfiber lining exempts the glasses from dust and impurities. High-end standards ANY DI`s quality terms pierce all conceptions through an elegant and harmonised mix of materials, colours and design details. Smooth cowhide leather, real gold plated elements and a high standard of craftmanship build an optimal balance between pure luxury and everyday suitability. ANY colours tell their own story. The whole colour set with in it’s couloring compatible products offer an indivudual choice of combinations. Wether going monochrome or preferring high contrasts, everyone could select by their taste. The perfect interaction of luxurious gadgets like the SunCover or Pouch in conjunction with the innovative leather and chain straps makes ANY DI distinctively unique. Likewise it enables the highest degree of functionality. Wholesale: E: P: +49 (0) 89 540 43930 Photo credit: ANY DI