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WHAT MAKES AO76 UNIQUE? “We create long-lasting kidswear for a kind, happy and healthy planet”. WE ARE FAMILY OWNED The captains of the AO76 ship are mother & son, Patricia Vandemoortele & Gaspard Poelman. With the appointment of (grand)son Gaspard to the board - already the 3rd generation - a breath of fresh air is blowing through the family business. What has remained unchanged: positivity is what AO76 is all about. Together with her sisters Patricia uplifted the company of their father ‘Etienne Vandemoortele’ to a successful brand and established value on the Belgian fashion market. WE DESIGN IN BELGIUM We are a small local fashion brand, founded in Heusden and rooted in Nazareth, nearby Ghent. Every single piece runs through a unique authentic design proces taking place one hundred percent in house. Occasionally we co-work together with young Belgian artists for a special art work print or new inspiration. WE STAY TRUE TO OUR ROOTS In the golden seventies sportswear hit the streets of America and coloured the fashion industry big time! In 1976 Etienne Van De Moortele started importing these USA sports brands to Belgium, as one of the very first in the branche. Today we still have a lot of casual, easy- to-wear sportswear in our collection.
WE GUARANTEE COMFORTABLE QUALITY AO76 kids are playful & adventurous. They like to move freely and be comfortable in their outfits. And wish to wear their favourite pieces a lot ! So we create clothes pleasant to the touch and strive for high quality. WE MAKE BEAUTIFUL DESIGN We create our own unique fittings, we are passionate in our choose of fabrics and we use special production techniques to lift our product to the next level. We want kids to shine and feel beautiful in their AO76 outfits. WE CREATE PLAYFUL ART WORK We create strong graphic art work and we like our prints to breath out a certain funniness. Our collections are styled with a twist and always contain a lot of special subtle details to make them ‘one of a kind’. WE HAVE STRONG VALUES Now, more than ever, we know exactly what we stand for. We are kind in our actions, wise in our thoughts, fair in our creations, brave in our adventures and most of all we are just our authentic selves. We love to create beauty and smiles upon kids faces! Wholesale E: Photo credit: AO76