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Audio Architect Apparel was founded in 2015 following the realisation that fast fashion has become a major problem for our environment and one of the founding principles of Audio Architect Apparel was to look at the way we treat our environment and the people who are involved in the making of our clothing. Sustainability and ethics are at the heart of what we do and all of our apparel is vegan, sustainable and ethically sourced.
Additionally we currently have a small roster of artists and our garments are starting to gain traction in the underground music community. We have created a Streetwear brand that is also a record label. What makes us different to every other clothing brand in the world is that whenever you buy our Streetwear, you receive a QR code which you can scan turning the Streetwear into Musicwear. We are the first brand to do this and our technology is completely unique. We are looking to create a community around our brand to help share our story. Wear the music. Support the Artist. Be Responsible.