Breastflower The Netherlands
Breastflower is a luxurious haute-couture breast-jewel for women with breast amputation, also called a mastectomy. Breastflower complements your figure and camouflages your scar using jewellery. You can wear Breastflower freely, but you can also wear her in combination with clothes or lingerie. Breastflower becomes one with your body when you attach her directly to your skin, using a scar-friendly fastening tape, specially designed for this jewel. Breastflower is made with attention to quality, style and class. It is designed and handmade with beautiful fabrics and Swarovski crystals.
By wearing Breastflower, you give yourself the attention you deserve because YOU deserve the best! That is why Breastflower is a gift that every woman should award herself after a special period in her life. Breastflower gives you a magical feeling the moment you wear her! Experience how a breast-jewel van give your body an elegant and feminine touch. Breastflower is for those moments when you do not want to wear prosthetic lingerie and you wish to feel free. How and when exactly, that's entirely up to you. You can wear Breastflower underneath your clothes, visible as a subtle eye-catcher or as a hidden gift just for you. Or during intimate moments with your partner, for a special and sensual experience. Breastflower gives you that special Magic. Through joy, femininity, elegance and glamour, Breastflower wants to show the world that every woman is beautiful! Wholesale P: +31(0)682877624 E: Photo credit: Breastflower