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trade organization
As a federal trade association, the BTE has represented the interests of the German textile retail trade to political decision-makers, suppliers, trade fairs, fashion centers and consumer associations for 60 years. The BTE is a member of the Handelsverband Deutschland (HDE), the umbrella organization of the German retail trade. The HDE performs tasks particularly in collective bargaining, economic policy and other cross-industry issues.
The goals of the BTE: - Safeguarding the performance of the textile retail trade and maintaining democratic economic structures with equal opportunities for all forms of distribution and sizes of business. - Partnership with the industry on the basis of an open information policy and equal treatment of buyers on a level playing field. - Facilitation and promotion of horizontal and vertical cooperation. The BTE performs industry-related groundwork, helps solve technical problems, promotes vocational training, provides technical information of all kinds, clarifies fundamental issues with the industry and is a discussion partner for legislators and authorities. The BTE is particularly committed to owner-managed companies in the textile retail trade. This is not least due to the conviction that a large number of independent businesses is the best guarantee for our free economic order.