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Our company In business since 2003, we design, develop and produce trims and packaging for the fashion industry. With an international mindset and global client base, Casestudy is headquartered in Europe with showrooms in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Through our production divisions and warehouses in Turkey, Bangladesh, China and Hong Kong, Casestudy has a strong presence in the world’s major production regions. Allowing our trims and packaging to be delivered fast and locally, saving high shipping costs, import duties and reducing carbon emissions. And because we produce in-house, our seamless structure means less complication for you. Your needs won’t get lost or slowed down, saving you time and money while guaranteeing you a beautifully designed, quality product. We make it easy Open, passionate and hardworking our business is designed to get you the best results without the hassle. We believe in having a close relationship with our customers, and because we are entirely vertical from design to production, you can be confident that your needs are never lost to an overcomplicated supply chain. We know our business inside out, so you always get beautifully designed trims that are produced in factories that follow strict environmental and employment codes. Open and honest about all our practices, we welcome you to visit our factories. How we work We work closely with brands to bring maximum value to the smaller details of their product. Our team is made up of hardworking professionals who share a passion for the fashion industry and a love of branding that they have brought with them from some of the world’s leading fashion brands. It is this knowledge and professionalism that we bring to every project with the objective of creating the best finish for your brand. In-house design Our business is built on a strong appreciation for good design; we take pride in being part of the process that focuses on those details that complete a brand. Our designers have all worked at global fashion brands and are hired for their experience, knowledge, and love of branding. And while experience is crucial, it’s their passion for branding that really drives our business. We know that it takes a particular focus and skill to ensure that your brand’s DNA is expressed in the fine details. We design the possible Our designers are dedicated to those little details that in the end make a brand. These seemingly simple elements require a deep understanding and skill that only the best designers can achieve. It’s this knowledge that means we only design what can be done and done well. We know our industry and believe firmly in working closely with you to achieve the best results.