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Colect is a leading European wholesale management solution that offers digital tools for fashion and lifestyle brands to achieve faster and easier B2B sales. With over 12 years of expertise, more than 400 customers, and 90,000 users worldwide, the Colect platform is built to create efficiency in every touchpoint of the sales journey, through storytelling, collection presentation, assortment building, inventory management, order processing, data analytics, and retailer self-service, both online and offline. Colect connects brands and their retailers with seamless integration to various back office systems (ERP, PIM, CRM, DAM, PLM), making the selling process more visually appealing, immersive, and sustainable, ensuring cost and time savings. By enabling collaboration between sales teams and their B2B customers, smart data usage, and digital solutions for hybrid selling, Colect empowers brands to embrace growth and step into the future of wholesale. Their digital toolkit consists of: Sales App A sales representative’s best friend - inspirational storytelling, attractive product presentations, personalized assortments, and faster data-driven order flows - all in one app. Brand Portal A personalizable B2B webshop where brands can display their preorder assortments and offer clients a self-guided way to reorder while maintaining their identity - where a brand’s storytelling meets their wholesale journey. Hybrid Showroom A multi-screen display of the brand’s collections where they’ll be able to amaze clients with an immersive experience without losing the benefits of an in-person approach.
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