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Dansk Mode & Textil, or DM&T in everyday speech, has been the industry's natural focal point since 1895, and is today a modern industry and employer organization with insight into the members' everyday lives and the challenges the industry faces. DM&T represents more than 375 companies, which daily benefit from DM & T's professional advice, inspiration, networking and political work for the industry as well as its marketing. DM&T provides industry-specific and personal advice in HR law, trade law, CSR, technology and the environment, exports, customs and international trade, digital challenges and trends. Their most important task is to create value and optimal conditions for their member companies and thus for the entire fashion and textile industry. Precisely for this reason, they are also driven by a vision that clearly indicates that they want to be the industry's own and preferred knowledge center, the industry's ambassador and alliance developer. In order to live up to that vision, Dansk Mode & Textil listens to their members and orient themselves in the outside world. In this way, they are also confident that developing next steps with the industry and that they are equipped for tomorrow's challenges.
FACTS ABOUT Danish Fashion & Textile - Dansk Mode & Textil has 20 employees in our two offices in Herning and Copenhagen. - Dansk Mode & Textil has employed a number of experts with industry-specific knowledge in a number of areas. - Dansk Mode & Textil is a non-profit organization. - Dansk Mode & Textil is part of the Danish Employers' Association and is part of the collective bargaining negotiations. - More than 350 fashion and textile companies in Denmark are members of Dansk Mode & Textil. - Dansk Mode & Textil has helped shape the fashion week in Copenhagen and continues to play an active role in Copenhagen Fashion Week. - Dansk Mode & Textil is a member of several important political forums, including EURATEX, which is the association of fashion and textile associations in Europe. - Dansk Mode & Textil is nationally responsible for GINETEX in Denmark. - In 2017, Dansk Mode & Textil entered into strategic alliances with the Goldsmith industry in Denmark and the Sports industry, with which they together represent close to 1,000 companies. Contact: info@dmogt.dk Photo Credits: Dansk Mode & Textil