DEFI - LA Mode De France France
In France, DEFI is the only organization intended to support the world of fashion, in order to support creation and its ecosystem, preserve unparalleled know-how and strengthen the international influence of French clothing. Since its creation in 1984, DEFI has brought a unique form of solidarity to the fashion world, based on cooperation between small and large clothing companies. Thanks to an assigned tax paid by the 3,500 companies in the sector, the DEFI has a budget of 9.5 million euros , which it invests to support fashion designers, encourage technological and intangible innovation, ensure market intelligence and contribute to the internationalization of French fashion. A real growth accelerator for the clothing industry , the DEFI supports young fashion designers from the start of their business and throughout their entrepreneurial journey through programs like the DEFI Guarantee Fund (since 2012) and The Start Program (since 2015) and other. Finally, the DEFI monitors the fashion and clothing market through studies analyzing new consumer trends.
Attached to the recognition of French know-how, the DEFI has also created the “Jeunes Entreprises” procedure, which allows young commercial brands to access the biggest Parisian trade shows. To support exports, DEFI finances nearly 1,000 participations of French brands in more than 50 exhibitions abroad. Thanks to the New Black, a virtual French show, young fashion designers can get closer to influential foreign buyers. Finally, in order to explore difficult markets, the DEFI finances “combat groups”: around ten experienced brands are evaluating the potential for exports and partnerships in Algeria, Iran, South Africa, etc. In a highly competitive environment, the DEFI contributes to strengthening the brand image of Paris as the Capital of Fashion, and more broadly of France. The transmission of know-how, its promotion and development are key points. To do this, the DEFI contributes to training in technical fashion professions: it supports in particular the Académie Internationale de Coupe de Paris and the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, recognized worldwide; it finances training for manufacturers in a context of strong change. DEFI supports the development of manufacturers, by preserving and enhancing their centuries-old know-how.