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Born to support and accelerate sustainability in a high-polluting fashion and footwear industry; DFNS want to drive change by enabling and inspiring sustainable behavior, empowering athletes, fans and communities alike to take responsibility for their carbon footprint. Choosing gear that is durable, timeless in its design, and made from recycled and/ or recyclable fibers is a great place to start. But the way gear is taken care of once it leaves the shop makes considerable difference, not only to the planet, but the performance of your product too. DFNS is the missing CARE link, existing between the moment you buy your gear and the moment you dispose of it responsibly.
At DFNS, our products are powered by air using Airopack®—innovative technology that’s safer for you and the planet. A traditional aerosol uses pressurized gas to propel its contents, releasing harmful solvents at the same time. Airopack® uses compressed air instead of volatile chemicals, so when you spray, all you get is the actual product and nothing more. Thanks to the Pressure Control Device—a handy lil mechanism that guarantees a consistent spray ‘til the bitter end, you’ll use a massive 98% of your product. Plus, there are no surprises. The transparent Airopack® bottle lets you see exactly how much you’ve got left. All our solutions are water-based, solvent-free and biodegradable. Footwear Refresher, Footwear Cleaner and Cleaning Wipes are produced in a Cradle to Cradle Gold certified factory—one of only a handful in the world. Footwear Protector is made in a factory with an NSF certification, which is a food-grade safety certification. Our suppliers also continually strive to reduce water usage, waste and their CO2 impact. Our Apparel Launder and Denim Launder are manufactured in a facility that abides by the AISE charter, a voluntary EU initiative that promotes and facilitates a common industry approach to safety and sustainability. Wholesale E: marcel@exponensales.eu Photo credit: DFNS