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Business Intelligence
As the leader in Retail Market Intelligence, EDITED helps retailers make better decisions through AI-driven market data, analytics and research. Brands like Zara, Puma, John Lewis, Marni, and Tommy Hilfiger use the EDITED suite of Market Intelligence products to create the best strategic decisions to succeed in today’s retail landscape.
THE MISSION EDITED was created to help retailers win. With the Market Intelligence Platform, EDITED helps remove the guesswork so businesses can identify opportunities or avoid making one wrong costly decision. THE TEAM The EDITED team consists of data scientists, engineers, retail professionals and analysts who all work together, building out the platform to revolutionize the way retailers do business. THE PLATFORM With tracking on 2.5 billion+ SKUs worldwide, the EDITED data platform uses AI and machine learning to help retailers make the best decisions across product, assortment, pricing, and promotion.