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The Italian brand Ellesse began by creating innovative ski equipment that broke the boundaries between sports and fashion. Leonardo Servadio, the company’s founder, climbed to the top of snow-covered mountains and then successfully descended the tennis court. Today the famous brand is chosen not only by athletes but also by those who love comfortable and stylish clothes. The name of the Italian brand is made up of the name and initials of the founder Leonardo Servadio. Until the mid-60s, the brand was simply L & S – “Elle” and “esse”. Only 10 years later came the “Semi palla” mark we know. It combines the cross-section of a tennis ball with tips similar to a pair of skis, symbolizing the brand’s heritage in both sports. Ellesse began placing their logo on the outside of their clothing. They are believed to have been one of the first to do so. That’s when the two letters merged into one full-fledged word, Ellesse.”
“The famous 'half-ball' Ellesse logo combines a cross section of a tennis ball with the tips of a pair of skis, symbolising the brand's heritage in both of these sports. Ellesse began placing their logo on the outside of clothes, and are historically reported to have been one of the first brands to do this. It was immediately copied by other brands around the world.” Wholesale E: marcel@exponensales.eu Photo credit: Ellesse