Enable the Label

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We are a Dutch, online platform featuring emerging, extraordinary fashion labels from the biggest fashion cities throughout Europe. We started with Stockholm, London & Copenhagen. Berlin, Valencia, Lithuania, Amsterdam & Barcelona followed soon after!
We believe that collaborations between creatives & business-minded people lead to magical things. Besides collaborating with the labels, the platform encourages creative talent in its widest sense. So here we are, to serve the Dutch market exclusive, one of a kind and made to order fashion items. Enable the Label goes beyond just selling a product. We adapt storytelling by sharing the stories of creative talents in both words and the design of the platform. What are their incentives? And what journey did they take to realise a certain design? All labels have an outstanding story and offer extraordinary products which are all fashion-forward and affordable. It is one of our main goals to give you insight into the journeys of creative designers when you are buying your product. ETL's labels are established in their own country but are not known by the Dutch yet. The ETL-team personally curates all labels based on their fashion guts and broaden their boundaries by introducing them to our small beautiful country. If you would love to hear more about the platform, just get in contact via contact@enablethelabel.com. Besides, we love to get to know people and share ideas. Collaborating is what we believe in, so please feel free to reach out! Photo credit: Enable the Label