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Corporation and brand ETERNA Since 1863, ETERNA has been synonymous with perfect shirts and blouses. The demands of the German fashion manufacturer on itself and passion for shirts and blouses extend far beyond manufacturing. Masterful workmanship, exacting quality standards and the finest fabrics distinguish our products – for exceptional comfort and best care properties. Shirts and blouses of distinction for those discerning customers who are instinctively stylish and fashionable.
Only three percent of the world’s cotton harvest meets the requirements for swiss+cotton quality fabrics. ETERNA is environmentally conscious and ensures fair working conditions throughout the production chain. All shirts and blouses are manufactured in a responsible way without compromises. This promise goes with transparency: Each item has an EAN Code, which provides full traceability and transparency for the consumer. The labelling system gives them access to information regarding the production facilities along the textile chain in which the textile was produced, the stage of production in which the fabrics were employed and the countries in which the product was manufactured. Entering the EAN Code of a shirt or blouse into the database on everyone can track every single step of the production chain. ETERNA is the first manufacturer of blouses and shirts to reveal these details in a broad scale and to guarantee sustainability for all steps of production. All shirts and blouses have undergone testing for harmful substances, all production facilities are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. This is also verified by Oeko-Tex. ETERNA has been certified since 2000 with the highest Oeko-Tex Standard. Naturally, this certification is consistently and independently inspected. In addition to the finest materials, the principal components of ETERNA shirts and blouses are passion, superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is what makes the inimitable difference. Wholesale contact information Maximilian Engel: Head of Sales International Philipp Lübbenjans Verkaufsleiter national Hemd Peter Geist Verkaufsleiter national Bluse