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For brands that are starting to plan their new collection, we have brought an analysis based on the WGN’s reports for the following season. Although we are aware that some designers are trying to set the trends instead of following them, it’s always good to have some guidelines for business purposes. On the other hand, for the brands that belong to a more commercial retail world, this post will be helpful to decide which garments to produce.
Graciela Huam is a sustainable and ethical fashion label that seamlessly blends Dutch and Peruvian inspiration. The bold colors and culture from Peru, combined with the modern, contemporary designs and ideas from The Netherlands. Its design is characterized by the unique combination of superb quality, innovative craftsmanship, sustainable lifestyle and traditional techniques handmade of knitwear in Peru, using only the most exclusive and sustainable raw materials include Peruvian Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, and the sought-after Pima Cotton.The results are versatile collections of knitwear, high end craftsmanship pieces in a contemporary and playful Alpaca street-style.Every piece of their collections is created with their own patterns and inspired by trends being the essence of Graciela Huam: experimental craftsmanship. The end goal is every piece becomes in a classic and iconic design as art painting, and their customers can wear them always, from one generation to another. Wholesale Benelux: Gris Gris Agency - Laurence Baeyens | Worldwide: Press Instagram @gracielahuam Photo credit: GRACIELA HUAM