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Hi… We are JANICE, and we love what we do! We design and produce sustainable fashion statements for women who love life, who don’t take it all too seriously, always see the fun side of things and dare to see who they truly are. Women who embrace the fact that they are natural beauties, can go without frills, But maybe not, cause with a little bit of spice, everything gets better… right? We combine - fuse and melt together – unite and bind. We are collectors, collectors of ideas, cultures, statements, inspiration, emotions, motion and friction. What we create yearns to be seen everywhere… not only on catwalks or in flagship stores, but it wants to be seen on the streets luxurious, qualitative and exotic materials we use to enforce our beliefs. A perfect fit, expressive use of colors interwoven with contrast dept hand fantasy. What we create is not only fort hem who love attention, but for those who love the attention we put in our details. That’s how we can turn a good day into a great one…and even a bad day good.
We only work together with partners we choose wisely, as well as retailers as manufacturers. Focussing on a longterm and loyal commitment where both ends profit from a healthy partnership. We produce sustainable garments and accessories, with “green” manufacturers who take good care of their employees. We are a people oriented company, making sure we treat others as we want to be treated ourselves. Conscious of everything around us in the world, we produce the biggest part of our collection in Europe. Choosing only the best viscose, softest Italian wool, the richest silk and many other sustainable qualities. If there is one thing we are proud of, it is the combination of highly qualitative materials with a great fit. The focus lies in the details, not only of our products, but also in the way we give attention to our retailers. Challenging times ask for supporting, innovating, encouraging, positive, uplifting and compassionate commitments. Together we can find new ways to build relationships with the changing habits of consumers…maybe even improve it with all the new technological possibilities we have these days. Looking for a fun and sustainable brand, ran by 2 guys who are absolutely passionate in everything they do? Wholesale E: andy@janice.nl Photo credit: JANICE