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About the brand Julia June believes fashion shouldn’t be just pretty. Above all, it should be creative, unique and a manifestation of individuality. The brand finds it very important for you to cultivate your own personal style and to find out what matters to you the most. Figuring out which shapes work for you, which materials bring out the best of you. And don’t forget the main rule: if you like it, that is all that matters.
Being a contemporary brand, Julia June isn’t limited to one style. So whether you are looking for a piece that puts all eyes on you. Or you want to be ahead of the curve. Or you like practical items that are well made, but still have the ability to stand out. We have it. The thing that unifies all of these items is the mindset of the women buying them. Contact wholesale: Laurent Marinus : export@ffdi.be (Export) Heidi Devusser: wholesale@ffdi.be (Belgium) Photo credit: Courtesy of JULIA JUNE