Karin Rom

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Karin Rom Bridal - An International Vision on the Most Celebrated Decision The Karin Rom Atelier is redefining bridal couture coming out of Amsterdam. Combining timeless pieces and a nouvelle vision, the studio manifests bold and unapologetic ultra-feminine gowns, enticing more and more brides to wear Karin Rom creations. The studio approaches bridal design first and foremost as a declaration of individuality. Rom herself fuses an inherent curiosity and sophistication which are revealed in every design. Now, a new generation of brides is discovering the designer’s unique signature.
Do you have a question or a comment? Don't hesitate and let us know. We will contact you a.s.a.p. E: service@karinrom.com Karin Rom Piri reisplein 40 1057 KH Amsterdam The Netherlands Photo credit: Karin Rom