kunoka.com Belgium
KUNOKA is the brainchild of our designer and founder, Evelyne Van der Looven, a considerate businesswoman at day and an outward friend at night. A personality of electrifying contrasts. She was in shoe business for many years and she entered the project following her unsatisfied quest for shoes that were well made, flattering but different by colour and structure at the same time. She calls her creations an artistic encounter between considerate craftsmanship and outward creativity resulting in a casual chic style with a twist.
When designing, Evelyne envisages the KUNOKA women, whose style is the expression of her personality. She is not afraid to be different, but in a distinguished way, she does not fear to embrace colour as a surprising element in a classy outfit, and she is intrigued by unexpected textures as an extra dimension to what she wears. The KUNOKA woman is sophisticated yet a little different, we call it wayward. Photo credit: Courtesy of KUNOKA