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The company LLOYD Shoes GmbH has been a synonym for top-class quality in shoe manufacture since 1888. A love of detail, the constant aspiration to drive development further and the mission to transfer the latest innovations to the retail trade position this traditional company, LLOYD, as a pioneer in identifying and fulfilling current customer requirements. Founded by H. F. Meyer in Bremen, Germany, LLOYD has expanded to become a worldwide player and is now internationally established with its LLOYD Concept Stores, offering personal contact for customers in various regions. With the integration of state-of-the-art digital technology, LLOYD is also able to establish direct interactive brand contact at the POS.
LLOYD markets its products, which are available around the world in more than 48 countries, at currently approximately 3,200 sales outlets. Consumers will find LLOYD Concept Stores all over the world in cities like Peking, Copenhagen and Lima. The ladies' and gents' collections are enhanced by a matching product portfolio of exclusive leather goods like jackets, bags and belts plus lots of other accessoires. LLOYD Shoes GmbH employed an average workforce of 1,913 in 2019, 691 of these in Germany. In the 2019 financial year the company recorded a consolidated turnover of around €130 million. Wholesale contact information: LLOYD Shoes GmbH Hans-Hermann-Meyer-Str. 1 27232 Sulingen/GERMANY P: +49 (0) 4271 940 0 F: +49 (0) 4271 16 80 E: service@lloyd.com Photo credit: LLOYD Shoes GmbH