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Mars Branding is an independent creative agency, specialised in PR, digital and business support for fashion brands. The company provides strategic plans and operational tools for brand’s BtoB and BtoC development. Mars Branding is managed by Julie Le Gall and Florent Tamisier, two industry experts who have been working for several years in the development of ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories brands in France and internationally. The « Wholesale Is Not Dead » podcast is an original creation of Mars Branding, dedicated to the business evolution of the brick and mortar retailers.
Julie and Florent are giving voice to independent multi-brand retailers, franchisees, department stores, concept stores and other market players. They invite them to share their experience, best practices, successes, failures and attempts at innovation to modernize their points of sale and better understand the future of fashion sales. A true photograph of a generation of retailers, this business podcast is dedicated to the fashion industry professionals. Whether they are retailers, brand managers, federations, trade shows, journalists or service providers to think together about the future of distribution and the support of creation in fashion.