MERCER The Netherlands
Mercer. Exclusive sneakers.Designed from sole to lace, Mercer shows a distinctive aesthetic: contemporary with unique materials and a dynamic use of colors. Embodying individual style each design is a reflection of the designer—as he is and who he aspires to be. Merceris committed to sustainability and sincere quality. Each design is handmade in Portugal by highly educated artisans. Pim Dresen’s passion for sneakers was born when he bought his first pair on Mercer street in NYC at a young age. Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, the designer currently works and lives in Amsterdam. Mercer became notorious for its unique collaborations with Nasa and was embraced by the world wide media.
GET INSPIRED When it comes to unique Materials, Mercer Amsterdam knows how to make a statement.Being the pioneer in Vegan sneakers made out of Pineapple leather more was yet to come. Alcantara® took a break from creating the interiors for Porsche to partner up with Mercer to create the first ever sneaker made from Alcantara®.Alcantara®is an Italian company known for making interiors for ultra-luxury cars as a result of the superior performance of the material;excellent durability,no wear or tear and last but not least its premium appearance. It’s not for nothing that all the luxury car brands select Alcantara® for their interiors. Speaking about ‘the material of the future’Mercer and Alcantara® make perfect partners in this collaboration with its shared vision of a sustainable and environmentally conscious business practice in the high-end market.Noteworthy is also that Alcantara® is the first completely sustainable Italian-made industrial product, it is with this mission they are meeting Mercer’s vision for the future; one in which we eliminate waste, carbon emissions and run a sustainable business. For the release of this unique collaboration Porsche will bring the first-ever Porsche made with Alcantara® from its museum in Stuttgart over to The Mercer Store in Amsterdam to honour this historic release.Technology,functionality, emotion and the utmost attention to ethics and the environment: discover the “material of the future”and it send less possibilities. Wholesale P: +31887736410 E: Photo credit: Mercer