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It started with a kiss… Mexx was born just like you, starting with a kiss. In 1986 Rattan Chadha took his men’s brand Moustache and women’s brand Emanuelle and joined them together. Take the first letter of each and add two kisses: Mexx. Both brands stood for the same lifestyle and would make a stronger statement as one unit. M(oustache) + E(manuelle) + XX (2 kisses) = MEXX Translating a lifestyle into fashion The ultimate goal of Mexx is to promote a casual, modern lifestyle. A lifestyle that is all about having fun, being free-spirited, optimistic, open-minded, nonconformist and inspiring. We create fashion that finds a way into wardrobes and lives. Pieces that, once discovered, will be lived in, loved in, mixed with others and owned. Everyday fashion for real people. People who, like us, live life to its fullest and prefer being real to being perfect.
Curious about our new SS22 collection? Contact us via Fashion United or contact one of our sales colleagues to make an appointment in one of our showrooms. XX Team Mexx