miista.com United Kingdom
Miista was founded in 2010 in London’s East End by Galician born Laura Villasenin. The brand was launched with the intention to play with shapes and materials without sacrificing quality, wearability or price - and we have been designing shoes from our East London studio ever since.
Miista unites Laura’s nostalgia of her rural Spanish heritage with a modernist female sentiment, translating cinematic, surreal, and retrospective inspirations into timeless styles rendered in Italian leathers and unexpected materials. It’s a pastiche of all those childhood memories of a beautiful farm on the Atlantic coast of Galicia, dropped like a stranger into a contemporary East London setting. Miista encourages an immersive environment of collaboration and creativity, allowing for our social and company goals to be achieved. Our aim is to continue creating, designing and locally crafting beautifully made products, while we also work with other stakeholders to improve the state of the world. Photo credit: Courtesy of MIISTA