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Neeve is an Amsterdam based fashion brand. We launched our first collection in February 2020. The meaning of Neeve is Bright and Radiant and we want to have a bright & radiant future. Therefore, sustainability is core to our business. We are dedicated to creating change and embracing sustainable choices.To contribute to a greener future, we have implemented various practices. For our two seasonal collections each year, we employ pre-orders as a strategy to minimize overproduction. By allowing customers to place orders in advance, we can gauge demand more accurately and produce only what is needed, reducing waste in the process.
At Neeve we keep our eyes and ears open to do better in the world of fashion. We are receptive to opportunities for improvement and positive change within the fashion industry. By staying aware and actively seeking information and insights, we demonstrate a commitment to continuous growth and making a positive impact. Our garments are manufactured in Portugal, and we use premium sustainable fabrics. Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified, which means that our products meet the highest standards. For wholesale inquiries please contact our Sales Director Mirte van Neure at: +31-616423575 Photo credit: Neeve