Niza Spain
NIZA; born in 1996 with a clearly defined objective, dress an independent and current woman, passionate about fashion, who seeks differentiation and exclusivity. "NIZA is a unique style, a brand that has it sown soul. Different clothes for women who like comfort, detail and exclusivity". - Maya Varin -
Since its inception the firm has evolved including a careful collection of garments, where the quality of materials and the care for detail is the ultimate. Each of our designs are made of high quality fabrics and pass through the hands of designer Maya Varin, who brings a differential value to the garment, reflected in the handcrafted, embroidered and exclusive prints details. Its high quality fabrics and manual work that is incorporated into the manufacturing process make them unique and inimitable garments. Collections of limited production in each of the designs and a controlled manufacturing process from start to finish give rise to garments that are called to last over time and become essential for every woman who values quality above all else. Wholesale E: P: +34689892783 Photo credit: Niza