Nukus The Netherlands
NUKUS® by Nick Vervoort is a new Dutch women's clothing brand that focuses on women of all ages. Nick Vervoort founded the label in 2017. He has been working in women's fashion for a number of years now and has developed a great love for fashion and entrepreneurship during this period. Due to his clear vision of today's fashion and his ideas about his own clothing line, his dream has become reality: NUKUS® is a fact!
NUKUS® is characterized by collections consisting of timeless, stylish items made of luxurious fabrics. All garments are produced from natural, soft materials of good quality, such as beautiful wool from Italy and fabrics from Portugal. The items are easy to combine and provide a solid foundation in the wardrobe. Eight times a year NUKUS® releases a new collection, always trying to outdo itself. Because, as Nick himself says: “You are only as good as your last collection.” NUKUS® by Nick Vervoort loves to make you shine! Wholesale E: Photo credit: Nukus