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SANE Standard is the next-gen certification for fashion products. SANE is a proud member of the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network. Its holistic approach guarantees that certified products are made with equal respect for the environment, worker's rights, and consumer's health. The certification requirements and costs is adapted to fashion brands of all sizes. SANE allows CONSUMERS to instantly recognize ethically made products and show their positive engagement to the world.
It also enables conscious FASHION BRANDS to communicate their sustainable commitment in a verified, credible, and desirable manner. To become SANE certified, products must meet a number of requirements, including: - Environmental requirements: SANE certified products must be made with sustainable materials. The list of Approved Material is available on the website, it includes organic, recycled, regenerative or upcycled material for instance. - Social requirements: SANE certified products must be made in factories that meet high standards for worker's rights and safety. For example, garments workers must receive a living wage. - Consumer requirements: SANE certified products must be made with safe and healthy materials. For example, products must not contain harmful chemicals. Photo credit: SANE Standard