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Sarvin is an international luxury clothing brand, specialising in creating distinctive and high-quality garments handpicked from the finest fabrics and materials. We imbue each design with our signature flair for fashion and eye for detail – the result is an irresistible collection of contemporary wardrobe staples and show-stopping timeless pieces. We design and produce the majority of our garments in the UK to lower the carbon emissions by reducing the shipping distances, supporting local artisans to be able to monitor our manufacturing process closely. We strongly believe modern luxury should be socially and environmentally responsible; therefore we take into consideration where our materials come from and who is making them, to ensure our customers are receiving highly ethically sustainable garments that will last them a lifetime.
- A PERSIAN LOVE STORY At Sarvin we love combining the best of two worlds; Persian and English to create sophisticated looks with a touch of Persian history and classic British silhouettes that will be your wardrobe staples for years to come. From day one our primary focus has been attention to detail and quality materials by using sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics that will not just look good but feel amazing on the body too. We handpick every single fabric in our collection, and we work very closely with our manufacturers and dressmakers to ensure our customers are receiving highly ethically sustainable garments that will last them a lifetime. - A JOURNEY TO SARVIN WORLD Sarvin is a Persian girl who grew up in a family where fashion was one of the most discussed topics in the house. She always dreamed about having her own company and creating an exclusive collection that will enhance sophistication with a play of textures, patterns and details. After finishing her master's degree in International Fashion Marketing, she worked in a variety of companies as an intern to gain experience and learn more about the business aspect of the fashion industry. In 2015, Sarvin launched her first fashion collection which has been influenced by her Iranian heritage with a twist of modern British style. She has been published in Vogue, House of Coco and other well-known magazines, since she has been growing her stockists worldwide and continuing to expand her brand internationally. - LUXURY MEETS SUSTAINABILITY Our latest collection is made from recycled cotton linters which is a waste product from the textile industry. The process used to produce the fibre is a 'closed loop' which means the chemicals used can be extracted after and reused. We are proud to consider Sarvin as the first few independent luxury labels in the UK which have produced garments out of these sustainable materials. The fabric is known for its silk-like properties being incredibly soft, and its temperature adaptable. Our partnered fabric company is the first V-Labelled textile producer in the world, and the European Vegetarian Union certifies their yarns to be corresponded with the guidelines of the European Vegetarian Label and categorised in the Vegan V-Label. We have taken this collection to the next level by launching our first ever exclusive print designs which are hand drawn paintings from a famous Persian artist Ali Fani Salek printed over these eco-friendly materials. Thus, the fabric used in this collection has a lower environmental impact than conventional fabrics, and it drapes heavenly over the body. Wholesale E: P: +447845580826 Address: Manchester, United Kingdom Photo credit: Sarvin