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About Founded in 2005, Studio EVA D. was created by Dutch clothing designer Eva Dekker. Upon graduating from the art academy, she had a strong desire to launch her own brand, so she did without a clear plan. Eva began creating individual designs instead of conforming to the seasonal collection model, quickly realizing she didn't fit the traditional fashion system. Working alone and handling every aspect herself made producing two large collections per year impractical, leading her to adopt a rebellious approach that defied the conventional fashion agenda. Initially focused on womenswear, she drew inspiration from menswear and discovered that her designs resonated with both men and women. This revelation sparked the inclusive nature of her brand, as her close friends expressed their enthusiasm for wearing her creations. Over the course of 15 years, her brand's strategy and DNA have evolved and matured, shaping its unique identity into what it is today.
Studio EVA D. Values Environmental Consciousness Studio EVA D. values extending the lifespan of garments, sourcing natural textiles, and producing clothing in close proximity to the studio. The brand upholds responsible production practices, using natural, sustainable fabrics and designing small batches to reduce waste. Furthermore, each garment is created to be modular and timeless, enabling infinity combinations and long-lasting wearability.  Inclusivity The brand embraces wearability and understated elegance through our androgynous designs. We focus on functional details and neutral colors that integrate seamlessly with diverse wardrobes. Our designs adapt to the wearer, regardless of gender or size, fostering self-expression and inclusivity. Community Studio EVA D. embodies Eva's design ethos and personal brand journey, where her community played a significant influence. As part of our community, we invite you to embrace clothing that goes beyond fleeting trends, allowing you to express your individuality and rebellious spirit. Wholesale P: +31 (0)641223899 E: Photo credit: Studio EVA D.