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Our platform gives brands and consumers insight into the product’s journey, from raw material to end product. The data that is being collected is verified for each step in the supply chain, using peer-to-peer reviews, time- and geolocation stamps and blockchain technology. By scanning an on-garment QR code, brands can show their consumers who made their clothes, how they are made, and what they are made of.
As a true B Corp, we value people, planet and profit and make sure that everyone can participate and talk in a way everybody understands. Our world is changing fast and this forces us to rethink what we consume. By connecting the textile industry and data, we, together with our clients, create a reliable fashion ecosystem that enables the necessary change and helps its customers take good care of the world. That is why we believe consumers need authentic and verified information about the products they buy. We are not idealistic, but progressive. With tex.tracer, we offer verified information and transparency, creating a new norm for the fashion ecosystem. We address and solve and constantly challenge ourselves and our partners for the greater good: forward is the way. Contact E: hello@tex-tracer.com P: +31 6 8209 7558 Photo credit: tex.tracer