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TextileExchange is a global nonprofit that creates leaders in the preferred fiber and materials industry. What they do: In short, Textile Exchange build a community that can collectively accomplish what no individual or company can do alone. The non-profit develops, manages, and promotes a suite of leading industry standards, as well as collects and publishes critical industry data and insights that enable brands and retailers to measure, manage, and track their use of preferred fiber and materials.
How Textile Exchange does it: With a robust membership representing leading brands, retailers, and suppliers, Textile Exchange is positively impacting the climate through accelerating the use of preferred fibers across the global textile industry. Climate+: With our new Climate+ strategy, Textile Exchange is the driving force for urgent climate action on textile fiber and materials with a goal of 45% reduced CO2 emissions from textile fiber and material production by 2030. By benchmarking the industry and providing actionable tools for improvement, Textile Exchange is driving a race to the top. Certification, such as the Responsible Down Standards (RDS) are owned by Textile Exchange.