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About TMO TMO Fashion Business School is a University of Applied Sciences (hbo), established to prepare the next generation of the workforce for commercial and management positions within the fashion industry. Accredited by the Dutch government, TMO is an award winning institution, receiving recognition as the ‘Top course’ for the past 9 years. Bridging the gap between creativity and business operations, students are empowered to develop their business-knowledge, and encouraged to develop an inquisitive attitude. TMO alumni are fulfilling the gaps that the fashion industry faces. From website: TMO Fashion Business School is an accredited, small-scale, private applied sciences college located in Doorn. It is the only applied sciences program in the Netherlands aimed specifically at filling commercial management positions in the fashion industry. TMO offers 2 programs: a 4 year course Bachelor (BBA in Fashion) and a 2 year Associate degree study (Fashion Business Professional).
The course The fashion industry is showing significant global growth, and requires a well-skilled workforce. To meet the demands of the industry, TMO developed 2 unique education programs in collaboration with industry experts (among them TMO alumni) who contribute advanced insights into the latest trends. The courses are led by inspirational lecturers, who have first-hand experience within the fashion industry. TMO is the only institution in the Netherlands offering the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in fashion and the Associate degree Fashion Business Professional. The full-time BBA program at TMO takes 4 years, divided into 8 semesters, the Associate degree 2 years, divided into 4 semesters. The curricula TMO offers allows students to pursue an in-depth approach to the world of fashion business, commerce, data and sustainability. All subjects in the programs relate to the fashion industry. The course consists of four didactic anchors: a sound knowledge base, real world education, attitude and evidence-based. TMO Fashion Business School’s semester structure allows students to enrol either at the end of August or in February. After TMO TMO graduates are well prepared to meet the requirements, and fulfil management gaps of the fashion industry. TMO’s network of fashion professionals, results in a high success rate of employment for all TMO alumni; 80% of TMO students find suitable employment within 3 months after graduating, while more than 10% continues with their studies. TMO graduates are well equipped with the skillset to enter the workforce of any industry. With soft skills reigning prevalent in all aspects of work, students develop crucial skills and work ethic to excel in any role, in any location. TMO graduates go on to secure (assistant) management positions such as purchaser/purchasing manager, product manager, sales manager in retail, formula (concept) manager in retail, B2B sales manager, (e-)marketing manager, and many more. Open Day TMO Fashion Business School organizes several Open Days per year, allowing visitors to meet students, lecturers and alumni. Visitors will be given a tour and presentations about various aspects of TMO, but will also get to experience the atmosphere on campus and obtain answers to any questions. The Open Days will be held on March 16th, April 20th, June 22th with a Trial Study Day (Proefstuderen) being hosted on March 28th. Many more Open Days and other events will be organized, they all are listed here: