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URBAN COSMETICS BERLIN IS A BERLIN-BASED MANUFACTURER OF NICHE COSMETICS. IN THE HEART OF KREUZBERG THE COMPANY PRODUCES UNISEX NOURISHING NATURAL COSMETICS AND BATH PRODUCTS. Founded in 2011, UC Berlin has been producing fresh and natural cosmetics in small batches in their lab in Berlin-Kreuzberg. UC Berlin believes in the power of plants and their diverse healing effects. This is the reason why UC Berlin products contain organic natural oils and plant waters that are bundled with a maximum of active ingredients that give the skin what it really needs.
The products are made with natural oils and flower waters (hydrosoles) from controlled organic cultivation. Mainly from native plants of Central Europe – vegan and without additives. All products are handmade. UC Berlin is committed to careful use of resources by reducing plastic and outer packaging. In addition, the company has a glass bottle deposit system. Wholesale E: office@ucberlin.com Photo credit: Urban Cosmetics Berlin