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Urban Medley was ideated to promote centuries old forms of weaving and printing that are inherently sustainable and without support would be lost forever. The old world printing and weaving is used in our accessories which balance tradition with contemporary design. Urban Medley is not about mass productions and machine-made perfection, it is all handcrafted, so there is room for minute imperfections and minor blemishes which then translates to the uniqueness of the final product and therefore no two will be an exact copy.
We are not bound by age, race, colour and not even size, hence we choose sustainable, handmade ethically produced accessories, as our main focus point. We give you the space to create your own style using the many fashion items we bring to you on this platform. Our focus is on scarves, wraps and capes. Accessories which are not size specific, multifunctional and can be used across seasons. Accessories which cater to a wide global audience and can easily complement any outfit. Bold colours and nature inspired designs. Each piece carefully crafted by our artisans is colorful, boundless, energetic and involves a lot of experimentation. Our range of silk scarves and capes are made of organic Eri silk commonly known as peace or cruelty free silk. The cotton wraps are made with organic rain fed Kala cotton. The wide range of scarves and capes are ideal for the modern woman who believes in her individuality and is mindful about what she wears. She does not simply follow a trend but believes in making a statement and an impact on the environment – Her every action reflects a conscious mind. Our products qualify as heirloom pieces and definitely supports the philosophy of ‘buy better and buy less’. We believe today more than ever before it is important for an ethical brand to convey the values it stands for. To build a brand and create an awareness around it, one needs to connect with consumers at a deeper level. Urban Medley is extremely conscious about the impacts it makes- working with artisans we are enabling a community to earn a dignified living doing what they are best at. It also brings about overall economic development within rural communities. Our production processes are ethical and maximum possible sustainable. Wholesale P: +31 0646738489 E: info@urbanmedley.com Photo credit: URBAN MEDLEY