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Bachelor Fashion Art Direction & Styling

Course Summary School: EIDM École Internationale de Mode & Luxe

Location: France, Paris

Education: Diploma

The Bachelor Fashion Art Direction and Styling course is a dual-competence degree. Indeed, in 3 years, it allows students to learn to translate an emotion, a feeling, an idea. Or even a concept via the most suitable visual support but also to analyze its perceptions according to different audiences. He is also the architect of the image and the guarantor of the values conveyed, desired by the brand.
Starting from a solid foundation in styling (stylism without clothing creation), this program aims to explore the multiple areas of the fashion industry where creative process management is the heart of the business. Also, students are encouraged to develop their own ideas and experiences in the realization of a wide variety of visual works, such as fashion editorials, viral videos, brand image and makeover projects, interactive and printed advertising campaigns, and visual content for social networks.
By understanding the role and responsibilities, students learn how to train, organize and lead a team of experts to ensure the direction of what is published in fashion magazines, what appears online or on a runway and what communicates the right message, at the right time, to the right target.
In conclusion, the Fashion Art Direction & Styling program covers the key skills of fashion writing, public relations and media planning. As well as business planning, time management. But also advertising deadlines and budgets. In addition, the cultural study of the history of design, clothing and fashion provides the necessary skills to be able to establish a criticism of a brand or a customer's lifestyle.
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