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Hybrid study system for business manager textiles bte

Course Summary School: LDT Nagold

Location: Germany, Nagold

Education: Diploma

Our program structure
Certification level 1: fashion manager ldt certification level 2: business manager textiles bte
Our hybrid study system is a two-level study plan developed especially for high school graduates keen on working in the fashion industry, but who have not had the opportunity to gain experience in the fashion industry. On the first level, the course of studies includes two semesters with a practical semester afterwards to achieve the first level certification fashion manager ldt. Herein, ldt nagold supports the enrolled students in finding a suitable practical employment. During the practical semester, the students write a project thesis, which already can be the basis to start a professional carrier even without continuing the course of studies. The project thesis forms part of the final oral exam to conclude the practical period. A successfully passed oral exam is the requirement to enter the second level of studies, which concludes with the title “business manager textiles bte” after having passed all the necessary exams.
Options the students can decide on in study level 2
Our students can chose to pass the second level of the study course in form of the full-time system of the LDT with students of the third and fourth semester or in form of the dual study company system of the LDT with students of the third, fourth and fifth phase of studies. To continue the studies in the dual study company system, it is mandatory to have contact to a partner company. This can be the company in which the student has passed the practical semester or any other, if the company from the practical semester is not available for further studies in the dual system.
Admission requirements
There are not deadlines regarding the admissions: the admissions are granted in the order we receive them.
School graduation examination, advanced technical college entrance qualification or subject-related entrance qualification 
The subject groups of study level 1
The subjects have the same order as in the full-time system and are divided in the same subject groups: 
Management and organisation
Sales and procurement
Personnel and communication
Fashion and products
The subject groups of study level 2
For study level 2, the information applies as stated on the page, full-time system (3rd and 4th semester) or on the page, dual study company system  (3rd, 4th and 5th phase of studies)!
Concept of studies
The world of fashion - directly interlinked with the special skills required in business administration.
(1/3 fashion and products + 2/3 business administration)
The subject groups 1-3 focus on business administration and group 4 on merchandise and product information. In order to ensure the most professional approach in the future working life, business administration and studies of merchandise and products are tightly interlinked. This allows the relationship between commercial areas of responsibility and product related tasks to be conveyed in practical way.
Corporate presentations
Frequently, renowned partner companies of ldt nagold from the retail and industry hold presentations on the subject of business philosophy. This allows for answering questions and for discussion on personnel policies and carrier opportunities.
Student services
For questions on the hybrid system, please contact our managing director of pedagogics and organisation, rüdiger jung at +49 7452 8409-12 or via e-mail. mohr@ldt.com
Further information on the hybrid system in the internet

For students interested in applying for our new hybrid study system, ldt created its own landing page on the internet with further information. Please find it at this location.